Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jazz is...

2013-14 SFJAZZ Resident Artistic Director Jason Moran

We're excited to announce that the organization has reached the $64 million goal of The World Is Listening (TWIL) campaign for the SFJAZZ Center! Thank you all—donors, concert-goers, musicians, fans and more—for the ongoing support! As we reflect on the campaign, we were reminded of an awesome collection of TWIL vids, in which some of our favorite jazz artists completed the statement: "Jazz is..."

With The World Is Listening campaign realized, we can continue to pose this statement for years and years to come! Read more on the campaign.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

SFJAZZ Collective jams in Linden Alley

The SFJAZZ Collective, decked out in custom made Collective baseball jerseys, broke into an impromptu jam on Joe Henderson's "Recorda Me" toward the end of a shoot with photographer Jay Blakesberg during their SFJAZZ Center Residency October 23-26, 2014.

Next up: the Collective takes the music of Henderson + new original compositions on the road! Peep the Tour Dates.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In Rehearsal, Pt. 2: SFJAZZ Collective plays Joe Henderson's "Black Narcissus"

Check out footage of the SFJAZZ Collective rehearsing trombonist Robin Eubanks' arrangement of Joe Henderson's standard "Black Narcissus" in the SFJAZZ Center's Joe Henderson Lab. The Collective takes the music of Henderson + original compositions on the road throughout 2014-15. Next up: a 4-night residency and live recording at SFJAZZ this week (October 23-26).

Also, check out the Collective's new live retrospective album!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SFJAZZ Collective drops new album "SFJAZZ Collective: 10"

SFJAZZ Collective at SFJAZZ Center, October 2013 ©Chuck Gee

The SFJAZZ Collective's newest album SFJAZZ Collective: 10 drops Wednesday, Oct. 22nd (available digitally in early November). This 10-track CD, recorded live during the Collective’s four-night residency at the SFJAZZ Center in October 2013, celebrates its 10-year musical legacy. In anticipation of the release, check out a "leaked" excerpt on Soundcloud: Eric Harland's "Union," performed by the current Collective lineup.


The album release also coincides with the Collective's 2014-15 Tour: "The Music of Joe Henderson & Original Compositions"—each Collective member arranged a composition by the great Joe Henderson and composed an original. The all-star octet kicked off the tour last weekend at the Kennedy Center in DC, and now return home to the SFJAZZ Center for a four-night residency in Miner Auditorium, with CD signings for the new CD each night!

Previews the SFJAZZ Collective's 2014-15 Tour with exclusive rehearsal footage of saxophonist Miguel Zenón's arrangement of Henderson's classic "Recorda-me."

Order SFJAZZ Collective: 10 today. Also, check out all the Collective's tour dates.

Collective Lineup: alto saxophonist Miguel Zenón, tenor saxophonist David Sánchez, vibraphonist Warren Wolf, trumpeter Avishai Cohen, trombonist Robin Eubanks, pianist Edward Simon, bassist Matt Penman, and drummer Obed Calvaire.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Artistry of Ensemble: Winemaking & Jazz

Earlier this week, SFJAZZ collaborated with winemaker Michael Beaulac to debut Luminary wine. Beaulac led an interactive wine tasting on stage with vocalist Pamela Rose and organist Wayne De La Cruz, together exploring the creative composition of wine and jazz (as well as their delicious pairing!). Miner Auditorium went into dance floor mode, seats removed, allowing SFJAZZ Members to mingle and move to the music. Photo credit: Scott Chernis.

Winemaker Michael Beaulac (Luminary) interacting with Pamela Rose and the band!

Pamela Rose & Wayne De La Cruz: Hammond organ party

Michael Beaulac, Winemaker, Luminary; Don Derheim; and Crimson Wine Group CEO Erle Martin

Learn about Member perks and other fun SFJAZZ events at!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

In Rehearsal: SFJAZZ Collective plays Joe Henderson's "Recorda-me"

The SFJAZZ Collective rehearses Miguel Zenón's fresh arrangement of Joe Henderson's classic "Recorda-me" in Joe Henderson Lab at the SFJAZZ Center. The Collective takes the music of Henderson and original compositions on the road throughout 2014-15, including a 4-night residency and live recording at the SFJAZZ Center (October 23-26).

See all Collective 2014-15 tour dates.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SFJAZZ founder Randall Kline honored at the 9th Annual MoAD Gala

L-R: Randall Kline, Anna Deavere Smith, Linda Dunham, Richard Mayhew
SFJAZZ Founder and Executive Artistic Director Randall Kline was honored as "Patron of Culture" for his contribution to the arts at the 9th Annual Gala for San Francisco’s Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) on Saturday, October 11. Titled “Shared Journeys,” the event was held at the city’s spectacular Four Seasons Hotel, hosted by ABC7 News anchor Carolyn Tyler. Fellow honorees included Linda Dunham, Chairman of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, actress and playwright Anna Deavere Smith, and artist Richard Mayhew. Guitarist Terrence Brewer, pianist Tammy Hall, the Brazilian All-Stars and the D-Lucca Music Group provided music, and proceeds benefited MoAD’s exhibitions, public programs, and events.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why is music important to the world?

SFJAZZ Resident Artistic Director Zakir Hussain

At last Saturday's SFJAZZ Family Matinee, a kid asked Zakir Hussain: "Why is music important to the world?"

Zakir offered a profound response — a must watch!